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Business Systems & Support

Are you maximising the investment in your systems?

Business systems underpin and support an efficient enterprise. Used well they can improve efficiency, customer experience and profitability. Despite the significant costs involved in their deployment, businesses rarely extract full value from their investment in business systems.

Over time, perceived lack of functionality, low awareness, insufficient training or staff churn can lead to employees developing ‘workarounds’ outside the control of your main business systems. These will invariably involve the use of informal manual processes and data that are not visible to the rest of your organisation.

Understanding the capability of your current business systems and integrating this into a re-design of business processes can tighten controls, improve efficiency and restore confidence. In many cases there may be dormant functionality that you have paid for but are not using.

Where the characteristics of a business have significantly changed it may be entirely appropriate to select and implement new business management systems. We will work with you to define the requirements of your new system, develop an invitation to tender, manage the selection process and oversee the implementation.

Finance, ERP, Warehousing Management and Distribution systems

We have many years of experience in the selection, implementation and management of Accounting, Payroll, Supply Chain, Warehousing, and Retail store systems.

Value/opportunity’ health checks on your business systems

We firstly audit your systems and the way they are used within your organisation. We will then present recommendations highlighting opportunities to improve productivity through the deployment of ‘unused’ functionality.

Value/opportunity’ health checks on your suppliers and vendors

Software vendors and systems suppliers of non-proprietary applications may not be providing the best value to your business. We can benchmark their services and costs on your behalf, and recommend actions to reduce your costs or increase the value of the services provided by your supplier.

Data quality review, procedure audit and process optimisation

The data held within business systems is the ‘lifeblood’ of an organisation. Organisations may deem their systems unfit for purpose when the root cause of the problem is actually data, more specifically the quality and integrity of their data.

Your management team will regularly make strategic or tactical decisions based on information extracted from your systems.

We can examine operating procedures and business processes to diagnose and rectify the causes of unreliable data.

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